Daffodil Run & Walk


Daffodil Run and Walk


Dates to be confirmed soon. Please contact us for more details or to register on our waiting list.


Established in 2016 to support the pubs and shops following the loss of the Bridge in the Cumbria floods, 'The Daffy Run' was so popular you asked us to do it again, and again... Full distance is 13 miles...the out and back course allows you to do as much as you wish.  This event is open to walkers and runners - all speeds welcome.

The primary aim was to remind people how beautiful Pooley Bridge and Ullswater is, and how it had suffered following the loss of it's famous bridge. Now the new bridge is open and all that is now 'water under the bridge'  but the route remains a corker and a fun day out for everyone. Come and enjoy and good run or walk, whatever you speed. This is a family friendly event; you can enter as a family or one parent can race whilst the other walks or runs with the kids. 

In Brief:

  • The route runs from Pooley Bridge to Hallin Fell, via The Cockpit and Martindale Church, and then back the same way. It is easy to follow.

  • The route is a mixture of good trails, and paths, some wet under foot, a little bit of tarmac lane and the open slopes of Hallin Fell, but still on a reasonably good path. The route returns exactly the same way.

  • This is an event for everyone. There are three possible start 'windows' Walkers can start anytime between 9am and 10am. Slower / non-competitive runners start between 10 and 11am. Faster runners 11:00am - 11:30am.

  • The route will be simply sign-posted, with event marshals at key points, but is very easy to follow. It will be very easy to 'navigate' - no special skills needed. There will be two drinks stations that you will pass twice each.

  • This is an event for everyone, whatever your speed or competitive edge.

  • 'Walkers' and 'Slower-Runners' may do as much or as little as they wish - simply turn around at one of our support points and return too Pooley for 'Tea and Tiffin'.

  • Runners aged 14-18 can run in the Runners start if accompanied by an adult.

Free tea, coffee and cold drinks and a tray bake will be available in the Village Hall post walk / run to all participants.  And of course, there are pubs and cafes in Pooley for post race refuelling.