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One-One & Small Groups

  • Bespoke tuition and coaching
  • Beat a fear – work on your weakness
  • Custom One-One Days are highly effective
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Personal One-One or Small Group Coaching – BOOK NOW


  • Individual tuition on a date to suit you!  
  • We offer a wide range of training opportunities at any level.


Individual Coaching days can be arranged from just £160 per head, on a One-to-One basis.  Alternatively, get a friend to come as well and the cost is just £100 each. Coaching days are charged at £160 with a supplement of £40 for each additional person, to a maximum of four people and a total cost of £280; so that’s just £70 per head for you and three friends or team mates!
Intro/Intermediate Off-Road Running Skills

A good start point for those venturing Off-Road; basic map and compass skills, along with some simple safety and will give you the confidence to enjoy and enhance your Off-Road running adventures.


Intermediate/Advanced Off-Road Running Skills & Navigation 

We focus on intermediate to advanced navigation on open mountain terrain – i.e. away from paths & tracks. Good navigation is the key to success in any mountain marathon or adventure race whether on foot or multi-sport events.


Adventure Race – Bike / Run Navigation techniques

Get some coaching on the two core AR disciplines and improve your race performance.


Adventure Race – ‘Boats and Ropes’ 

Beat the fear or master the art of kayak, canoe or AR Absiel or jumar sections with a Custom Day