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Basic Navigation for Runners – ‘Part One’

We first ran this new course in July and the feedback was simply excellent.  Hence, we  are now offering an early Autumn course on Monday evening’s, from 6.30 – 8.30pm, on the 7h and 14th September.


So, this relatively new course is in response to the many requests received from runners who ‘just can’t navigate’. The aim is to make these sessions as accessible as possible, and give you the opportunity to kick-start your navigation abilities as an off-road runner. It is also very suitable for those fell runners who might sheepishly follow the pack, and fear getting lost!   This course may even safe your life.


The first session – ‘Part One’ – could be termed as ‘Navigation for Numpties’, (as someone kindly suggested!) as we’ll really make sure no-one is out of their depth, with a jargon free, fun and stress free session.


Each session will be practical and outdoor based; we’ll strip away the myths and confusion and give you the confidence to learn. Basic navigation isn’t rocket science, but just needs a little ‘head-space’, time and commitment to set the ball rolling.  In the first session, we’ll start with a talk through the fears that may have prevented you from learning in the past, then move onto to the basics of reading a map.


Later in the ‘Part One’ we’ll introduce you to basic compass use; but don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple and this will act as a lead-in to the follow up session ‘Part Two’ where more use will be made of the compass.


Each session will run from 6.30 – 8.30pm, and is open to any fell, trail runner, regardless of speed.  We’ll be moving at walking pace, initially on tracks and trails before progressing to open fell side.  No running will be involved in this ‘Part One’ session, as the emphasis is on reading your map. Naturally you will need clothing to keep you warm, in the prevailing weather, and off-road shoes, etc.   Maps and compasses will be provided.

‘Part One’ will run from The Mill Inn, Mungrisedale.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments please email or phone me – Joe Faulkner on 07749 364 248 or nav4adventure@gmail.com to discuss them.


Basic Navigation for Runners – ‘Part Two’

This second session is on Monday 15th September.  In this session we will build on the basics of what you learnt in Part One. We will quickly re-cap over the Part One session one before exploring more map interpretation including contours and compass use. This session will take us further off trails and paths and include the ‘Help, I’m lost!‘ scenarios, and discussion on Mountain Safety.

This session will based from The White Horse at Scales, Threlkeld – exellent ‘recovery drinks’ here, of course!


Book Part One and Part Two…

You can attend one or both sessions, although in will be prudent to attend both in order to ensure you receive a logical progression in your learning.   Free transport can be provided from the Penrith area if this is a problem.


How to Book

Places are limited to just six people.   Cost is just £25 per person session, or you can book both sessions for just £40.   Simply send me an email to nav4adventure@gmail.com  and I will send you a Booking Form asking for brief details of your experience, worries and fears. Payment can be made by cheque or Bank Transfer and payment details are included with your booking form.


What’s Next?  

This initial sessions are intended to kick-start you navigational running career, and at the very least, make you ‘navigational safe’ out on the wilder trails and fells.  Navigation isn’t rocket science and they may be all you need to get you around a life-time of trail and fell races. We’ll encourage and support you to keep practising your new found skill with advice at any time…


Personal Tuition and Coaching

NAV4 Adventure have traditionally run one day and weekend courses throughout the year, but I am increasingly work on a One-One or small group basis.  All aspects of Off-road running, ‘Mountain Running Skills’, Navigation, Safey, and environmental issues are covered in our sessions. Whether it is with me or one of our NAV4 Adventure tutors, spending some time and money on some quality coaching is a very worthwhile investment. 


One-One Personal Sessions are available mid-week, as well as weekends and evenings by mutual arrangement.  It is often said that the hardest part of any race is often getting to the start line;  committing to a Personal Coaching session might feel a bit scary too, but the benfits will be huge.


For further details on our courses, or One-One tuition and Coaching please take a look here, or email me with any questions